You define a scala trait:

trait ServerConfig extends (() => Server) {
  var port: Int = 9999
  var timeout: Option[Duration] = None

  def apply(): Server = new Server(port, timeout, ...)

You define a new implementation for the trait in a scala source code file which will be used as configuration file:

new ServerConfig {
  port = 12345
  timeout = 250.milliseconds

Then you can use Eval to bind your configuration and bootstrap together:

  val eval = new Eval()
  val config: ServerConfig = eval[ServerConfig](new File("..."))
  val server: Server = config()

Now it’s done!

Neat and cool, typesafe-proof configuration with scala as configuration DSL! Don’t you like it?! ^_^


  1. Why Config?
  2. https://github.com/twitter/util

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