am I getting old?

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Tonight, I went jogging outside. I have not had any sport for long(except for the walking to work), considering to my condition, I just ran for 3 circles and then moved to basic Taekwondo practice. After running for about 2 circles, I paid attention to a girl who is not tall at all , I am sure you will never pay your attention to her when she is in a crowd. She just ran in small steps, but even when I left, she was still running, can U guess how many circles she had run? I estimated at least 8 to 9 circles. “oh, my God” , I thought, “maybe I am really getting old” ^_^

But at least one thing we should know, the spirit her behavior tells us. “No matter how long the way is , keep running , even in small steps, you will make a miracle”.

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