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2014年从msn space存档中重新恢复出来!

just want to talk about trivial things these days.

Last Wednesday, I finished the 3rd chapter of my book, and got a rest before starting the 4th one. After that, one of my classmate in college asked me to help her work on her exam task which is to develop a search engine,since I was preparing and collecting the 4th chapter’s materials, I promised that I will help her to find a way out in my spare time.

Last Friday, at night, when I started the jogging , a pain came from my right foot end suddenly which had never happened before. I finished several cycles even it hurt too much, and took a break last Saturday so that the pain would gone just as how it came, but when I started jogging last Sunday, it was still there, damn , it really bothered me.

Today, it ’s Monday, I got up early, and read some articles online, then I remembered I have not told the buddies of bestwiz that my 3rd chapter job had been done, so I signed in the Skype and sent the message. Just a few minutes after that, Daniel called in. It’s a good news. The government had returned part of the tax fee and He had taken on behalf of me. He would like me to take it back at my convenience. I should thank u for this which will be the present for spring festival, isn’t it? :-)

At night, after supper, since my right foot still hurt, I decided to take a walk instead of jogging, after several cycles, I came back and decided to write down these words.

This afternoon, Cherrier wished me Merry Christmas via MSN, I should say thank u too, but indeed, I am not excited about this holiday as if it has nothing to do with me, I always think it is a holiday for merchants and lovers, I am none of them ,heheWink

Any way, since tonight is the Christmas eve, and tomorrow will be Christmas day, I would like to say , Merry Christmas to you who has finished reading these words Gift with a bowGift with a bowGift with a bow

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