unveil spring starter

2014年从msn space存档中重新恢复出来!

This is just a draft for my first book to which I would like to give the name < >, anyway, I hope to give it a birth as soon as possible. I am so eager to get there[眨眼].

OK, the draft index is listed as follow:

2-spring ioc container
          2.1 ioc concept
                 2.1.1 ioc intro
                 2.1.2 ioc types
                type 1 (interface injection)
                type 2 (setter injection)
                type 3 (constructor injection)
                 2.1.3 ioc benefits
          2.2 spring ioc container
                2.2.1 basic configuration intro
                2.2.2 bean factory
               bean scope
               auto wire
               bean post processor
               beanfactory post processor
               2.2.3 application context
              internationalization support
              application context event support
              resource abstration interface
              multi-context construction
3-spring aop
       3.1 aop basic concepts
            3.1.1 join point
            3.1.2 pointcut
            3.1.3 advice
          before advice
          after advice
                    after returning advice
                    after throwing advice
                    after advice
          around advice
           3.1.4 aspect
      3.2 spring aop 
            3.2.1 proxy pattern
            3.2.2 proxyfactorybean
            3.2.3 auto proxy
            3.2.4 aspectj integration
      3.3 aop solutions 
           3.3.1 aop implementation strategy
           3.2.2 aop weave timing
4-spring dao
     4.1 dao exception hierarchy
     4.2 spring jdbc
     4.3 hibernate with spring
     4.4 ibatis with spring
     4.5 jdo with spring
     4.6 jpa with spring(after spring2.0)
5-spring transaction
     5.1 basic transaction concepts
          5.1.1 ACID
          5.1.2 isolation
          5.1.3 local tx mgt vs. global tx mgt
     5.2 spring tx abstraction
          5.2.1 PlatformTransactionManager
          5.2.2 TransactionDefiniation
          5.2.3 TransactionStatus
          5.2.4 TransactionTemplate
     5.3 declarative or programatic tx management
6-spring mvc
7-spring remoting
     7.1 basic spring remoting architecture
     7.2 RMI remoting with spring
     7.3 Hession and Burlap remoting with spring from caucho
     7.4 specific HttpInvoker remoting with spring 
     7.5 basic WebService integration with spring
8-spring jee service integration
     8.1 jms made easy with spring
          8.1.1 synchronous message sending and receiving
          8.1.2 asynchronous message receiving
     8.2 jmx in spring
     8.3 job schedule with Timer,Quartz and TaskExecutor in Spring
          8.3.1 Job Schedule with Timer
          8.3.2 Job Schedule with OpenSymphony Quartz
          8.3.3 Job Schedule with Java5 Executor
     8.4 java mail abstration layer of spring
     8.5 JNDI in an easy way
9-spring sub projects
     9.1 spring web flow
     9.2 spring web service
     9.3 spring security - acegi security framework
     9.4 spring LDAP
     9.5 spring Rich Client
     9.6 spring extensions (spring modules)
          9.6.1 declarative Cache service support
          9.6.2 rule engines integration support
          9.6.3 template engines integration support
          9.6.4 etc.
     9.7 spring IDE for Eclipse
     9.8 spring BeanDoc
     9.9 spring OSGi
     9.10 spring JavaConfig
     9.11 spring .Net
     9.12 spring Batch

I hope there is something that you expect to see, of course , if you want to use the word “eager”, I will be much more cheerful,hehe

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