Life sucks

2014年从msn space存档中重新恢复出来!

After walking out of the gate of the company, I got a weird feeling. It’s so unreal. It is the read world or it is just a dream. I was so clear that I had came back to the real world, but why such a weird feeling came to me?!

I begun the sleep at 11 o’clock a.m. and was waked up by phone calls from somebody later on.It made the feeling worse. I hate being disturbed very much when I was sleep.The life named “The Rat Race” really sucks.

Dreams came to me last night,many things seemed weird,maybe all of the dreams are weird,who knows?! I couldn’t remember the dreams well. It was in class, a Math class, becuase the teacher is my mathematic teacher from my senior middle school, but I was on the campus of my primary school.Although she, my mathematics teacher, was talking to us patiently, I was playing with some high-tech product, with small LCD and other equipments, I just didn’t know how to describe it becuase I didn’t knwo what it was. When the teacher walked down the platform and came to me , I was still playing with it, so I was caught. The weird thing came again. I rushed out the classroom without any talk to the teacher,I could not tell why.Nothing cares then.

After rushed down the road to our village, the teacher came to my side,but this time the teacher changed to a male one, who was even unfamilliar to me. He bought me a frozen sucker, maybe things like that. We shared it and walked along back to the outside of the campus.He disappeared after leaving me alone there. I rushed into the classrooms and tried to find someone, but none was found, because I even didn’t know who was the one I was looking for.I just wandered around, around, and around…

The students rushed out of the classrooms after the class ended. I came across my sister who is my aunt’s daughter. She was still a little girl in my dream, but in fact, she had been married 2 years ago. She said she would go home and see her grandma ,and ran away… …

Blank screen…

I was waked up at 4 o’clock a.m. by the alarm clock this morning.

It was raining…

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