Daemon Dash launched!



Daemon Dash is a full-lifecycle GUI tool for managing launchd services, from config crafting to state management.

BTW. If you want a free tool to craft launchd configuration, Launchd plist composer is a good choice(as I had mentioned it in previous post Launchd plist composer released today). Daemon Dash includes all features Launchd plist composer has.


  1. launchd configuration editing with flow visually

    • save as / export (for other purpose / to other locations)
    • deploy directly via daemon dash
  2. put existing launchd services under management in GUI

    • import by selecting via file chooser
    • drag and drop directly
  3. full-lifecycle state management with each launchd service

  4. admin privileges for once to ease management or ask privileges every time when it’s needed


You can take look at the following screenshots to get a sense what daemon dash does:

Last but not least

It’s a tool for small group of people, I think, but at least I’m one of them ;)

Grab it if you need such a tool to manage your own launchd services.


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