Casual Thoughts On Distributed RPC Service Framework



author: fujohnwang

1 service identity

[artifact version] + FQname + version

2 service identity

[artifact version] + FQname + version

3 service lookup

  1. how many services exist?
  2. what kind of details operations/services in each service?!
  3. what’s the signature of each operations?

4 service extensions

  1. can I replace the data structure serialization and deserialization?!
    • use custom serialization mechanism
    • some flag to indicate the mechanism that’s used by service providers
  2. can I intercept service operations without service implementations’ intrusion?!
  3. can I replace default service lookup service provider?
  4. can I hook in custom LB and failover mechanisms in the service users’ side?
  5. can I hook in audit and monitoring concerns?
  6. can I tune the server side of the service exposion?
    • TcpNoDelay?!
    • send buffer or receive buffer size
    • timeout
    • etc.
  7. can I expose same service via different transports at the same time?!

5 service upgrade

  1. service framework upgrade
  2. service upgrade

6 service deployment

  1. how to ease the large scale service deployment?! even make it automatically?
  2. template publication node?!

7 potential points

  1. are overloaded methods allowed?!
  2. are multiple languages inter-operations supported?!
  3. If you want to provide OO-RPC interface for clients to use, what kind of interception mechanisms u want to use? reflection or bytecode gen? Are there some overheads in this point?

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