Casual Thoughts On Distributed RPC Service Framework



author: fujohnwang

service identity

[artifact version] + FQname + version

service identity

[artifact version] + FQname + version

service lookup

  1. how many services exist?
  2. what kind of details operations/services in each service?!
  3. what’s the signature of each operations?

service extensions

  1. can I replace the data structure serialization and deserialization?!
    • use custom serialization mechanism
    • some flag to indicate the mechanism that’s used by service providers
  2. can I intercept service operations without service implementations’ intrusion?!
  3. can I replace default service lookup service provider?
  4. can I hook in custom LB and failover mechanisms in the service users’ side?
  5. can I hook in audit and monitoring concerns?
  6. can I tune the server side of the service exposion?
    • TcpNoDelay?!
    • send buffer or receive buffer size
    • timeout
    • etc.
  7. can I expose same service via different transports at the same time?!

service upgrade

  1. service framework upgrade
  2. service upgrade

service deployment

  1. how to ease the large scale service deployment?! even make it automatically?
  2. template publication node?!

potential points

  1. are overloaded methods allowed?!
  2. are multiple languages inter-operations supported?!
  3. If you want to provide OO-RPC interface for clients to use, what kind of interception mechanisms u want to use? reflection or bytecode gen? Are there some overheads in this point?

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