eBay lessons updated from 5 to 10

10 Lessons

The presentation does a good job explaining each lesson, but the list is...

1. Partition Everything - if you can't split it, you can't scale it. Split everything into manageable chunks by function and data.
2. Asynchrony Everywhere - connect independent components through event queues
3. Automate Everything - components should automatically adjust and the system should learn and improve itself.
4. Remember Everything Fails - monitor everything, provide service even when parts start failing.
5. Embrace Inconsistency - pick for each feature where you need to be on the CAP continuum, no distributed transactions, inconsistency can be minimized by careful operation ordering, become eventually consistent through async recovery and reconciliation.
6. Expect (R)evolution - change is constant, design for extensibility, incrementally deploy changes.
7. Dependencies Matter - minimize and control dependencies, use abstract interfaces and virtualization, components have an SLA, consumers responsible for recovering from SLA violations.
8. Be Authoritative - Know which data is authoritative, which data isn't, and treat it accordingly.
9. Never Enough Data - data drives finding optimization opportunities, predictions, recommendations, so save it all.
10. Custom Infrastructure - maximize the utilization of every resource.

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