Harward Negotiating Training Note

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BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreeement)

Negotiation Types
    Distributive Negotiation ( also known as "zero-sum negotiation" )
    Integrative negotiation  ( also known as "win-win negotiation" )
The negotiator's dilemma
Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.
                                –John F Kennedy

Multiphase and Multiparty Negotiations

4 concepts of Negotiation
    BATNA (best alternatives to a negotiated agreement)
    Reservation Price
    Zone of possible agreement
    value creation through trades

Nine Steps to a Deal    
Step 1: Determine satisfactory outcomes 
Step 2: Identify opportunities to create value 
Step 3: Identify your BATNA and reservation price 
Step 4: Improve your BATNA 
Step 5: Assess who has authority 
Step 6: Study the other side 
Step 7: Prepare for flexibility in the process 
Step 8: Gather objective criteria to establish fairness 
Step 9: Alter the process in your favor 

Barriers to Agreement
    Die-hard Bargainers
    Lack of Trust
    Potential saboteurs of a good deal
    Differences in gender and culture
    Difficulties in communication
Mental Errors
    Irrational escalation 
    Unreasonable expectations 

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