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照片 001.jpg to 照片 005.jpg

Before The Company I worked for put its office in High Tech Zone, we have been working for about 6 months in Tian’An Building which is located at Qing Ni Wa Bridge. Just a few days before we leave, I took these pictures in the hall of the bulding for memory. I love the tree behind me, it’s so beautiful. The other two guys in the photos are Mi linpeng and Wen yi. Since Mi Lin peng’s family name is Mi, usually I will call him “DaMi”,you know , the song”老鼠爱大米“ is so popular those days,hehe ,but I am not that mouse…

照片 006.jpg to 照片 018.jpg

These photos is taken on my way home, I went home by ship from Dalian to Yantai, you can find sea birds in the pictures and the ocean. The guys who asked me whether it is funny to go travel by ship will also find that it is not funny, because you can see nothing but the few sea birds and the sea water. You will find no people , no hill , even no island ,hehe ,except when the ship drows near the port.

照片 011.jpg,照片 022.jpg and 照片 023.jpg

The map of My family tree , which will only be there for The Spring Festival. I took this because I found The festival atmosphere goes weaker and weaker, In fact , I miss my childhood , I remember I was so happy when the Spring Festival is Comming, but now , I am not.

照片 019.jpg and 照片 020.jpg

My little brother and his dog. Every time I come home, he will be the happiest in my family.He is my uncle ’s son, but I brought him up. He is different from me , I studied well ,but he did not. But I still love him, it seems that he is always full of energy,hehe ,a boy who will brings laugh to everyone.

The dog is also cute , isn’t it?! The little animal will follow the people in my family to anywhere we go, including my parents , my uncle ,my aunt , my brothers and others. It brings happiness to us. Such a lovely animal.

照片 021.jpg

My uncle took this picture for his son just for fun,hehe, and with my childhood fellow included. We grew up together, now, He has been a child ’s father, hehe , I am not. Everytime I saw him, I will remember LuXun(鲁迅)’s story on his childhood buddy. As a same , We have few words to talk now, but everytime I go home, he will come for me and talk for somthing. At least, I will play PC games with him,hehe, Still we have fun…

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